COOPERATION hotel Concert, metro Semenovskaya.
We provide booking services not only to private customers. Our Concert hotel is open for cooperation with business firms and travel agencies. Preferential terms are offered to partners. When concluding the contract, we guarantee: the cost of living in hotel rooms will not be higher than the officially stated prices that we offer to private clients
Гостиница Концерт метро Семеновская
Отель Концерт у метро Семеновская
Attractive terms of cooperation for commercial firms.
Special discount system. Having concluded an agreement with us, you can reduce travel expenses for your employees.
Cashless payment method. You can pay for the accommodation of your employees in our hotel through a bank. The main condition for cashless payments is the provision of tax documents. Payment through the bank will save you from the need to issue funds to your hands against receipt.
Favorable conditions for travel companies and their customers!
  • Discounts for tourist groups.
  • Special price offers on weekends and holidays.
Why is it convenient and profitable to work with the Concert Hotel, Semenovskaya metro?
  • Applications for room reservation are accepted around the clock.
  • Corporate and regular customers are given discounts.
  • We offer discount prices on holidays and weekends.
  • There are special favorable conditions for settling groups.
  • We are committed to flexible pricing.
  • All reservation requests are processed as soon as possible.
  • You can pay for your stay through a bank or ONLINE payment.
  • When paying in cash, the calculation is made upon the placement.
  • To persons who are on a business trip, we provide a full set of reporting documents.
  • VAT is included in officially declared prices.
Отель Концерт у метро Семеновская
Отель Концерт у метро Семеновская
From the Concert Hotel, Semenovskaya metro station - our address: Moscow, Semenovsky Val d.6B - to "Semenovskaya" (the station closest to us), you can even walk quickly on foot. Today, the use of underground transport is the most effective option for moving around the capital, in which traffic is almost constantly loaded.
From the railway stations by metro, they quickly reach the Kurskaya Koltsevaya line, on it go to the Kurskaya Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, from which trains to Semenovskaya already follow.
Гостиница Концерт метро Семеновская
Become a corporate client at the Hotel, Semenovskaya metro station
and we will professionally solve your problems!
It is profitable with us:
  • Convenience in work
The conclusion of the contract is not necessary.
You choose the payment method yourself: upon check-in, bank transfer or ONLINE payment
  • Lower booking costs
Our services are completely free.
We offer rooms at special corporate prices.
We offer:
  • Individual approach
The manager assigned to your company will quickly select various accommodation options for you, taking into account all your requirements.
  • Complete solution
We will help in ordering transfers, booking conference rooms and organizing coffee breaks and excursions.
  • Visa support for foreign citizens
Issuing invitations to enter the Russian Federation.
Благодарственное письмо
Федерального агентства по туризму (РОСТУРИЗМ)

Федеральное агентство по туризму (РОСТУРИЗМ) выражает благодарность ОТЕЛЮ "КОНЦЕРТ" (метро Электрозаводская) за активное участие во втором этапе программы стимулирования доступных внутренних туристических поездок с 01 ноября по 05 декабря 2020 года.


Благодаря общей работе туристы смогли доступнее путешествовать и отдохнуть в России.

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