The hotel and restaurant management company specializes in managing city hotels in the city of Moscow and develops several hotel brands:
  • "HOTEL CONCERT" (inexpensive city hotel in the center of Moscow. Hotel level - 3 ***, from 40 rooms)
Our company’s specialists are professionals who can solve problems associated with hotel management. If you do not have enough experience or you are not ready to delve into the intricacies of the hotel business, we will help you build a profitable and competitive business. Our management company offers several forms of cooperation, with varying degrees of participation in risk and income. In any case, the company's specialists will help make your hotel recognizable and in demand.
Cooperation options: Rent, Management, Franchising.
Dear owners of buildings (hotels, hotels)! We invite you, for cooperation, to consider the possibility of concluding a long-term lease agreement for the building for its intended purpose - the hotel.
  • If you want to receive a stable income from your hotel (building), but do not want to independently manage it, or the hotel is a non-core asset, we are ready to offer conclusion of a lease agreement for your hotel for a period of 5 years.
  • The cost of rent is calculated based on an analysis of the financial and economic activities of your hotel, an assessment of the state of the number of rooms and the hotel as a whole, the availability of infrastructure necessary for a city hotel.
  • When concluding a lease, the management company takes full control of the hotel, including all possible financial risks and operating expenses.
Stages for concluding a lease:
  • Coordination of the action plan.
  • Coordination of cost and lease agreement.
  • Approval of the schedule of rental payments.
  • The signing of a lease and an act of acceptance - transfer.
  • Registration of a lease agreement with the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr).
The minimum technical parameters of the building (subject to adjustment depending on the features of a particular building):
  • The area of ​​the building is from 1300 sq. m
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation.
  • Electricity: allocated power of at least 30 kW, with the possibility of increasing to a maximum of 120 kW.
  • The presence of central water supply, heating.
  • Types of rooms from 40 rooms.
  • The possibility of redevelopment.
  • Separate entrance group.
  • Number of floors: up to 4 floors
  • Infrastructure: cafe, sauna, kitchen, gym
  • Walking distance from the metro, the presence of a small parking
To learn more about possible options for cooperation, cost and other working conditions, you can send a request to e-mail or call +74953600058/59; +7 98538000154
DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (hotel rental and management offers)
When making a business assessment of a building (hotel, hotel), we take into account the following points:
  • The location of the hotel.
  • Class of hotel real estate.
  • Number of rooms. Possibility of expansion.
  • The quality of rooms, the degree of representation of rooms of different categories
  • The presence of cafes, bars, restaurants
  • Availability of infrastructure at the hotel
  • The presence of parking (guarded / unguarded).
  • The degree of wear and the need for repair work, reconstruction measures.
If you are interested in organizing a hotel business, but at the same time you have little experience or you are the owner of a small hotel and do not want to independently understand the intricacies of the hotel business, we suggest concluding a management contract of five years, thereby helping you build a profitable and competitive business. After concluding a management contract, a professional team of employees and managers provides uninterrupted hotel management. This allows you to avoid the difficulties associated with the operation, occupancy and promotion of the hotel on the market. The work of your hotel under our well-known and recognizable brand is designed to increase the confidence of guests in the hotel and bringing loyal customers to our network. The guest chooses a hotel of an already familiar brand, having arrived on a trip to a new city. Your hotel benefits from being a recognized brand while maintaining its own identity.
When managing your hotel, we analyze the financial activities of the hotel and take measures to reduce costs. At the same time, we carry out economic activities of the hotel within the framework of the approved budget and monthly provide the hotel owner with reports on the results of its implementation. Revenues from management, as well as expenses incurred by the management company, are recorded in a separate current account. All financial flows are completely open to the owner.
The purpose of management is to increase the profit of the owner and increase the investment attractiveness of real estate.
  • Management of all aspects of the functioning of the hotel (maintenance, room service, administration, catering supplies, etc.).
  • Management and control over the activities of hotel staff, the selection and organization of staff training, as well as the development of a motivation program for staff.
  • Determination and setting of prices and tariffs.
  • Unified advertising, marketing, public relations.
  • Planning and cost control.
  • Preparation of financial statements for the owner, online.
  • Equipment purchase and contracting with service providers
Conclude the contract management of the hotel under our brand YOU GET:
  • The right to use the brand and corporate identity.
  • Unified network standards and work technologies aimed at improving service at the hotel.
  • The developed strategy of hotel promotion in the tourist market. Well-organized advertising company.
  • Connection to a single sales center.
  • Developed flexible pricing policy.
  • An extensive database of suppliers.
  • Guaranteed download.
  • Connect to software.
  • The complex supply of the hotel with a wide range of specialized products.
  • Increase hotel profitability.
  • Development of a unified concept of hotel security.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of domestic law and business.
  • 24-hour reception.
  • Number of rooms from 40 to 100 rooms.
  • Certificate of assignment of category 2 * or 3 * (for more than 30 numbers).
  • The presence of a cafe for catering guests.
  • Willingness to rebrand.
  • Easy transport accessibility, parking.
  • Location - the city of Moscow.
To learn more about the possible options for cooperation, cost and other working conditions, you can send a request to e-mail or call +74953600058/59: +79853800154
DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (hotel rental and management offers)
At present, hotel franchising is becoming more and more popular in Russia, and especially in Moscow, among owners who have an existing hotel business and entrepreneurs who want to open new hotel projects under the already established brand. Our company offers to buy a franchise of a new hotel chain under the brand "HOTEL CONCERT". The hotel chain “HOTEL CONCERT” has become a new project of the management company. The company unites independent hotels under a single brand, offers working tools to improve the quality of service and management, which allows the hotel to receive additional sales and promotion, but at the same time maintain independence.
Proven sales system over the years. Formed staff of hotel marketing and sales professionals
The hotel chain allows you to maintain the individuality and independence of the hotelier, along with the benefits of joining the network.
An affordable system for paying entrance and annual fees and a low percentage for booking.
Support or complete advertising and marketing with the help of a management company and a professional team specializing in hospitality and hotel management.
The concluded agreements with the largest and most famous travel agencies and operators ensure a steady flow of guests to the hotels of the chain and partners.
The hotel chain team has an established regulatory framework and offers developed courses and trainings.
Our quality and service control standards help hotels constantly monitor and improve the standards of their product and services, which in turn increases revenue due to the higher average daily cost of a room and loyal customers.
Existing hotel chain loyalty program. Already developed base of regular loyal customers. More
150,000 people participate in the program.
  • Consumption optimization: a single marketing department, a sales department, a procurement department.
  • The work of the hotel under a well-known and recognizable brand significantly increases the profitability of the business and increases the profit of the hotel owner.
  • The right to use the hotel chain brand.
  • Connection to working and established sales channels (this significantly increases the hotel load and leads to higher profits).
  • Support for hotel owners in operational management, marketing and business promotion.
  • Connection to a single loyalty system, participation in the loyalty program for private and corporate clients of a hotel chain of a management company.
  • Posting hotel information on a shared site.
  • Unified advertising and marketing support: media advertising, promotion of all hotels in the network online, search engines, advertising on social networks, joint promotions and special offers.
  • Recommendations for the introduction or reorganization of additional services at the hotel in order to increase sales.
  • Recommendations for optimizing costs.
  • Marketing research on pricing based on the territorial location of the hotel, the level of service and infrastructure of the services provided.
  • Recommendations on pricing. Consultations on the work of the hotel sales department.
  • Training materials for employees of all departments of the hotel.
  • Seminars, conferences, trainings (according to the schedule).
  • Personal manager for each hotel.
  • 24-hour support for hotel chain guests.
  • Implementation of network standards.
  • Consultations on operational and commercial management of the hotel.
  • Legal and accounting support.
  • Advice on automation issues or connecting a package of IT solutions for hotel management.
  • Supplier contacts (access to discounts and special network prices).
  • Recommendations for the purchase of building and finishing materials, equipment and machinery, furniture, textiles, tableware, food and drinks, sports equipment, cosmetics, detergents, etc.


  • 24-hour reception.
  • Certificate of assignment of category 2 * or 3 * (for more than 30 numbers).
  • Wi-Fi in public areas.
  • The presence of a cafe for catering guests.
  • Willingness to rebrand.
  • Location - the city of Moscow.
To learn more about the possible options for cooperation, cost and other working conditions, you can send a request to e-mail or call +74953600058/59: +79853800154
DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (hotel rental and management offers)
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