Presentation of the hotel Concert, metro station Semenovskaya (Elektrozavodskaya),
Address: Moscow city, Semenovsky Val st. 6B.
Here you can study and download the presentation "HOTEL CONCERT (KONCERT.RU HOTEL) . The presentation presentation contains 22 slides. To view it, use the player if the presentation was useful to you - share it with your friends using the social buttons and add our presentation site to bookmarks! This information will be useful to travel agency employees, corporate clients.
The goal is to make a light, not overloaded presentation, without water, but at the same time giving a complete picture of the hotel to a potential buyer. On the first slides we show the most important "trump cards" of the hotel - this is the location, proximity to the two metro stations Semenovskaya and Elektrozavodskaya, the railway. Immerse a potential buyer (guest) in the life of the hotel. We talk about the number of rooms and internal infrastructure, we answer frequently asked questions.
Our customers (guests) of the hotel are people who do not have extra time to study all the offers, it is important for them to get all the information they need in a compressed form. We put on the slides the most important financial indicators and the offer to sell, so that everyone can assess solvency, liquidity, profitability and other economic indicators.
Download the presentation of the hotel Concert
in Russian
Watch the presentation of the hotel Concert
in Russian on YouTube
Download the presentation of the hotel Concert
in English
Watch the presentation of the hotel Concert
in English on YouTube
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Hotel address: Elektrozavodskaya or Semenovskaya metro,
105094 Moscow, st. Semenovsky Val d.6 B
Phone: +79853800154, +74953600058, +74953600059
Sales Department: HOTEL@KONCERT.RU
Hotel Concert is allowed to provide hotel services in accordance with: Certificate of the assignment of the category "THREE STARS" No. 77/22 / 0014-2019 dated May 27, 2019 to the object of the tourism industry.
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