Download Fire Safety Rules. Revision of 04/01/2020
Approved 04/01/2020
Dear guests!
We ask you to observe the fire safety rules:
  1. The use and storage of explosive, explosive and fire hazardous and fire hazardous substances and materials is prohibited.
  2. It is forbidden to use electric heaters (including boilers, electric kettles, electric irons, electric stoves) that do not have thermal protection devices, without supports made of non-combustible heat-insulating materials, eliminating the risk of fire.
  3. It is forbidden to cover the included table lamps, floor lamps, heaters with objects from combustible materials.
  4. When leaving the room, do not forget to turn off the TV, lighting lamps.
  5. Smoking in your room can cause a fire. Please smoke in a designated place.
  6. Check out the evacuation plan located in the hallway of the floor and in the room, remember the evacuation exits and stairs.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle fire extinguishers.
In case of fire or smoke:
  • immediately report the incident to the duty administrator by phone +79853800154, +74953600058/59 or the fire department by phone 101;
  • take measures to extinguish the fire;
  • if elimination of the burning center is not possible, leave the room, close the windows and the door without locking them;
  • leave the danger zone and act as directed by the administration;
  • if the corridors and stairwells are very smoky and you cannot leave the room, stay in the room, opening the windows wide.
A closed and well-sealed door can protect you from dangerous temperatures for a long time. To avoid smoke poisoning, cover the slots and ventilation openings with material moistened with water or other improvised means. When firefighters arrive at the scene, go to the window and give a sign to help you. No smoking in rooms and throughout the hotel.
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