To rent a room in the Concert Hotel, Semenovskaya metro station (Elektrozavodskaya metro station) means giving yourself a pleasant stay in Moscow or providing all the necessary conditions for working in the capital.
Attractions near the Concert Hotel.
The Concert Hotel is proud of its excellent location. The hotel is within walking distance from the metro and guests can take advantage of the developed infrastructure of the Russian capital. If after a seminar, conference or meeting with partners there is little time left - you can spend it in amazingly beautiful and memorable places.
Fix Price, Семеновская пл., 7 корп. 17а
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Hotel address: Elektrozavodskaya or Semenovskaya metro,
105094 Moscow, st. Semenovsky Val d.6 B
Phone: +79853800154, +74953600058, +74953600059
Sales Department: HOTEL@KONCERT.RU
Hotel Concert is allowed to provide hotel services in accordance with: Certificate of the assignment of the category "THREE STARS" No. 77/22 / 0014-2019 dated May 27, 2019 to the object of the tourism industry.
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